Logical-R Team Member Patricia Zuno Hosts Student for Silver Oak High School Student Internship Partnership


Logical-R Team member Patricia Zuno (left) recently hosted a student from the Silver Oak High School Student Internship Partnership (center).  As a member of the NASA Ames Contractor Council (ACC), Zuno brought her student intern to the ACC Monthly Meeting to give a presentation on the opportunity for companies to host a Montessori Student Intern.

Silver Oak High School is a small Public Charter Montessori Secondary Program which offers a tuition-free Montessori education in Hayward, CA.

During the presentation, the student intern described her unique experience working with Logical-R, JV, a company formed by long-term partners Logical Innovations, Inc. and REDE, Inc. which provides financial support services to NASA Ames Research Center under the Financial Support Services (FSS) contract.  Recently, Booz Allen Hamilton joined the company to form Logical-R Team.

The student expressed that this internship provided the opportunity to tour the Ames campus, presented the chance to meet and interview with personnel ranging from chiefs to pilots to historians, and taught her more about NASA’s mission and current work.  In thanking Zuno, She expressed that the mentorship helped pull her out of her comfort zone, showing her the benefits of doing such, and expressed that Zuno helped show her that work can be enjoyable.

Logical Innovations and Logical-R Team would like to thank Patricia Zuno for her dedication to the NASA and Ames missions, to the Ames Contractor Council, and to the future workforce by participating in such a valuable and impactful program!

Photo and Information credit:  Ames Contractor Council Blog

-The Logical Blogger


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