Logical Innovations, Inc. Employee Matthew Miller Works on First Man Film


Credits from First Man

Logical Innovations employee Matthew Miller, Program/Project Coordinator from Kennedy Space Center’s (KSC) Institutional Support Services (KISS) IV contract, had the exciting opportunity to consult on First Man. To share another exciting employee opportunity, we have asked Mr. Miller to tell us about his unique experience.

“NASA HQ was approached by the producers for a Neil Armstrong biopic called First Man to air in October 2018. To get the actors ‘in character,’ our HQ counterparts asked us to tour the director, producers, and actors as a familiarization in the spring and fall of 2017. Initially, most of the filming was to take place in Atlanta, Georgia, but after seeing everything that Kennedy had to offer, they requested shooting two scenes on Kennedy Space Center grounds. A co-worker and myself are responsible for all KSC media projects, they also include feature films. We were ultimately their points of contact for helping creating their vision for these scenes.

We spent a few days with their art department prior to the filming day to recreate what those areas looked like as they did during the Apollo era. Very little was needed as much of the infrastructure still stands since the 1960s. Beginning at 4:00 am, we begun operations for the first scene that would take place outside the Vehicle Assembly building. The scene consisted of four to five astronauts speaking about the upcoming mission as the crawler drives by. It’s amazing how much time goes into a scene that will only last 20 seconds on film. After a few hours of filming, we moved our base camp to the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout building. At this location, they filmed the crew walking out into the Astrovan on their way to the Launchpad. They were two very unique scenes, and it was very interesting to see how a production of the magnitude gets accomplished. It was nice to see it unfold on the big screen.”

Thank you for sharing your awesome experience in being part of a NASA-related film, Mr. Miller!  Logical Innovations is proud of your achievements for the Agency!

-The Logical Blogger


Logical Innovations, Inc.’s Own Denise Navarro and Estella Gillette Took Their Seats at the University of Houston – Clear Lake (UHCL)

In an effort to raise funds at UHCL, the campus is collecting contributions of $1,000 to name a seat in the UHCL Bayou Theater.

Logical Innovations President and CEO Denise Navarro and Logical Innovations employee Estella Gillette recently became supporters of the UHCL arts program and named their seats in the Bayou Theater.  They also took part in an ad video for YouTube to help raise awareness for the campaign.

These donations will help transform the UHCL Bayou Theater and make an impact on its patrons for generations to come.

The YouTube video can be found here.

-The Logical Blogger

Logical Innovations, Inc. Employee Ida Horton Receives Johnson Space Center (JSC) Director’s Innovation Award


Logical Innovations’ employee Ida Horton received the JSC Director’s Innovation Award at an Honor Awards ceremony on September 11, 2018.

Horton received the prestigious accolade for her efforts on the JSC Business Management Services (BMS) contract.  Her award was in recognition of “outstanding work in making overall improvements to the JSC Office of Procurement in metrics, timely payment of vouchers, and successful transition to new systems.”

We at Logical Innovations would like to congratulate Ida Horton on a great job and all of her hard work and contributions to the JSC and NASA mission!


-The Logical Blogger

Logical Innovations, Inc. Employee Judith Eddings Retires from Kennedy Space Center!

Congratulations to Judith Eddings on her retirement after more than 28 years of service at the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida!

Judith’s tenure with KSC has spanned space flight programs from the Space Shuttle and International Space Station to the Commercial Crew and Ground Systems Development and Operations era.  We are so proud of the valuable assistance and significant contributions Judith has made to the nation’s space program!

On behalf of the entire Logical Innovations family, we wish her all the best in the years to come!

-The Logical Blogger

Logical Innovations, Inc.’s 2018 Arlington AA Yankees

Arlington Yankees

This year, Logical Innovations sponsored a Little League baseball team in Arlington, VA, named the Arlington AA Yankees.  The team was in the Arlington AA young players league consisting of children 8-9 years old.

The league is a big attraction and fun to watch, but it also fits our company passion to help all kids have the chance to achieve.

Arlington Little League has been in operation for over 30 years.  They partner with local, regional, and national businesses, organizations, and community groups in support of youth participation in Little League baseball.

The league gives the kids a chance to learn teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship in a positive outlet for their energy while learning the fundamentals of the game.  Arlington Little League also includes a Challengers Division for physically and mentally-challenged players ages 5-22 years old.

Funds raised by the league through its sponsorship program help keep the fees affordable for economically-challenged families with rising costs of equipment and uniforms.  Sponsorship also enables the league to offer scholarships to children who may not be able to afford participation in youth sports otherwise.  The league conducts community outreach to underserved schools and provides financial support to individuals and school or civic communities that adopt one of Arlington’s youth diamond fields.

You can view the league’s homepage at League Page.

-The Logical Blogger


Logical-R Team Member Patricia Zuno Hosts Student for Silver Oak High School Student Internship Partnership


Logical-R Team member Patricia Zuno (left) recently hosted a student from the Silver Oak High School Student Internship Partnership (center).  As a member of the NASA Ames Contractor Council (ACC), Zuno brought her student intern to the ACC Monthly Meeting to give a presentation on the opportunity for companies to host a Montessori Student Intern.

Silver Oak High School is a small Public Charter Montessori Secondary Program which offers a tuition-free Montessori education in Hayward, CA.

During the presentation, the student intern described her unique experience working with Logical-R, JV, a company formed by long-term partners Logical Innovations, Inc. and REDE, Inc. which provides financial support services to NASA Ames Research Center under the Financial Support Services (FSS) contract.  Recently, Booz Allen Hamilton joined the company to form Logical-R Team.

The student expressed that this internship provided the opportunity to tour the Ames campus, presented the chance to meet and interview with personnel ranging from chiefs to pilots to historians, and taught her more about NASA’s mission and current work.  In thanking Zuno, She expressed that the mentorship helped pull her out of her comfort zone, showing her the benefits of doing such, and expressed that Zuno helped show her that work can be enjoyable.

Logical Innovations and Logical-R Team would like to thank Patricia Zuno for her dedication to the NASA and Ames missions, to the Ames Contractor Council, and to the future workforce by participating in such a valuable and impactful program!

Photo and Information credit:  Ames Contractor Council Blog

-The Logical Blogger

27th Citizens for Space Exploration Trip to Washington D.C.

Recently, I had the unique opportunity to take part in the 27th Citizens for Space Exploration (CSE) advocacy trip to Washington D.C. on behalf of Logical Innovations, Inc.  For the past 27 years, a group of citizens from industry and students pursuing degrees in STEM programs from universities have traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with members of Congress to lobby for support of human space exploration programs.

During the approval phase of the International Space Station (ISS), Congress only approved funding by one vote.  That means we were one vote away from never having ISS as a space exploration resource and testbed.  It is entirely possible that the advocacy of the CSE group helped sway enough votes through constituency interest for ISS to become a reality.

This year, we returned to ask to complete Orion, the Space Launch System (SLS), and the Deep-Space Lunar Gateway; to fund space exploration programs as set forth by the 2017 NASA Authorization Act; to utilize ISS as the unique laboratory it is and extend its mission beyond 2024, providing an opportunity for commercial companies; and support NASA’s commercial space systems to reduce U.S dependence on Russia for launching astronauts and cargo.

We focused our messages to strike a chord with each Representative or Senator’s district and constituents by showing how NASA’s human exploration programs benefit specific industries tied to their voters.  Of course, as in most cases, we did not have to try too hard to get people excited when talking about NASA and space exploration.

In my own group of CSE participants, we had a student from Stanford University studying to obtain a B.S. in electrical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering.  As a freshman, she worked her way into lead avionics engineer and team lead of designing and building a satellite for the Stanford Space Initiative.  She is currently finishing her sophomore year, and in September, her satellite will be launched by SpaceX.  It is an impressive achievement at such a young age, and it made the legislators we met with take notice, especially since she was from Indianapolis, and the majority of meetings our team had were with members from Indiana.

This year’s CSE team consisted of 97 travelers.  We participated in two days of meetings and were able to accomplish nearly 400 meetings with Congress and their staffers.  We were assured by many that they had not seen this much support for NASA and human space exploration by the federal government in a long time, if ever during their careers.

The CSE trip was a valuable experience for me because it showed that our government is accessible.  We had a Senator who was busy in meetings, so we planned on meeting with his staffers.  However, when he heard about our student’s achievements as one of his own, he rushed back to the office to meet with us.  The same thing happened with one of the Representatives we met with.  We also were fortunate enough to participate in a weekly Coffee with Constituents with another Senator who had groups of citizen advocates to stop in his office for coffee and discussions.

The trip was also valuable because it gave me a first-hand look at the inner workings of our federal government.  It also taught me that talking to a staffer is just as valuable, if not more valuable, than talking to the actual member of Congress because the staffers advise the members on voting.

And of course, it was my first time to Washington D.C., so I was able to spend some time site seeing and exploring some of the wealth of history and culture the city offers.  I visited the Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Spy Museum, the Museum of the Bible, and saw the Capitol Building, the White House, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the National Archives, the Washington Monument, and all of the memorials around the National Mall.  I highly recommend visiting if you have never been.  Just wear comfy shoes.



-The Logical Blogger